Substance Abuse

After abusing substances for extended periods of time, the formation of dependency is inevitable.

Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse

People use drugs and alcohol for many different reasons. Some use it to escape pain and achieve positive feelings, while others report using because they like the feeling of euphoria they get when they abuse a substance. Whatever initially influenced your choice to abuse substances, I am sure it has shifted since the first time you used. After abusing substances for extended periods of time, the formation of dependency is inevitable. After years of using, your body has lost the ability to produce normal levels of neurochemicals on its own and now relies on a substance to trigger the release of these ‘feel good’ chemicals in your brain. When you quit using substances, your mind and body will go through withdrawal that consists of physical and psychological distress. My goal is to stabilize the physical withdrawal symptoms so we can begin to focus on the complex component of overcoming an addiction – the mental/emotional.

How can laser therapy help me stop using substances?

When you use substances or engage in other addictive behaviours neurochemicals are artificially secreted within the brain; this is the ‘high’ people become addicted to. Laser therapy simulates this feeling and relieves the physical withdrawal symptoms. For most people the physical cravings will be dramatically reduced. However, most relapses occur because people struggle to cope with mental and emotional states associated with their addiction. My counselling services will provide you coping skills to help you continue to manage your addiction past the stage of physical dependency. Laser therapy replaces the need for drugs. A low-powered laser is applied on specific areas of your body to stimulate the release of neurochemicals. Physical cravings and withdrawal symptoms are immediately reduced and then completely eliminated.

The NU ENERGY Method supports all three parts of the addiction - without medications or side effects:

  1. Physical– After each laser treatment, cravings and withdrawal are dramatically reduced.
  2. Psychological– During each treatment you learn how to recognize and deal with triggers, how to stop thinking about drugs, and positive ways to cope without the abusive substance.
  3. Detoxification– You take natural supplements to help cleanse the toxic chemicals from your body.

How many treatments will I need?

A series of 30-minute treatments is required and the number of treatments is different for everyone. If you are ready to quit using substances, you can come in for a free consultation and I will assess your pattern of using substances and tell you the number of treatments that you will require.

What does the treatment include?

  • A thorough assessment of your substance abuse history
  • Two 30-minute laser treatments
  • Private consultation with a Certified Laser Therapist – Addiction Counsellor
  • Informational handouts
  • Audio CD
  • Ongoing support for as long as you need

Is it guaranteed?

Unfortunately, because of the complexities of the psychological side of the addiction, no one can force you to quit using substances but I can help you to eliminate the withdrawal and physical cravings. My counselling and private consultation services will also give you the skills to make the necessary changes to live a clean and sober life.

How much does the treatment cost?

  • Initial session (2 treatments included): $175
  • Booster treatment: $50
  • One hour counselling session: $110

I strongly recommend combining laser therapy with counselling services. Laser therapy will not deal with the psychological aspects of addiction. If you are interested please let me know and we can book your counselling session for the same time as your laser therapy treatment.

My substance abuse laser treatment can be claimed as a medical deduction on your income tax if it is prescribed by a licenced medical practitioner.

*Consult your benefits carrier for coverage options. Some carriers provide coverage with a letter from a medical doctor. Some flex and health spending accounts may also cover laser therapy. Let me know if you require a letter of reimbursement.