What Nu Energy clients had to say.

"If you are ready to quit smoking Matt is your man. Laser therapy made it possible to quit smoking without the cravings. It empowered me to make the decision to quit and backed my choice. Matt at Nu Energy provides quality care and service. I was amazed with the ease at which this treatment took effect. I would encourage anyone who wants the ability to say no to cigarettes to give it a try. I must say, I've been a non-smoker for 9 months and it was with this treatment that gave me the choice."

~Travis. H

"I had a nervous breakdown in 2007 and was placed on a series of psychotropic medications by my doctor. I was on these medications for 5 years and my body became toxic overtime. I was introduced to Matt through a friend that told me he would be able to help me. I decided to take the leap of faith and call Nu Energy. I am so grateful I did because my whole life has changed since that day. Laser therapy really helped take the edge off while I tapered my medication and Matt was very supportive and understood the psychological side of what I was going through. Matt is an exceptional counsellor and I highly recommend anyone with an addiction, or any issue for that matter, to connect with Matt. He is a wealth of knowledge and I am thankful for what he has done for me and my family."

~Rick. T

"Matt Landsiedel at NuEnergy is compassionate, nonjudgemental, and clearly invested in providing quality care. Laser light therapy is new to me and has provided a new sense of energy. I look forward to future sessions - Thank you!"

~Jacqui L.

"If you are ready to quit smoking, and willing to think positively to live a smoke-fee lifestyle- then Nu Energy laser services are for you. I was able to let go of smoking with the assistance of lasers used on acupuncture points throughout my body. Pain free- helping to reduce stress, hunger and fatigue. I highly recommend laser therapy to anyone seriously committed to living a healthy lifestyle"

~Lauren Sutherland @ Cowgirl Construction

"I had been trying and failing to stop smoking for at least a year. Before visiting Nu Energy I was quite skeptical of methods promoting a quick and easy way to quit. After 30 very relaxing minutes with Matt I immediately felt free from the beast. I suffered no cravings or withdrawal and am now a happy non-smoker. The most successful method I have come across. I highly recommend a visit with Matt, he made me feel comfortable and at ease and suprisingly I found the whole process quite enjoyable. Thanks Matt"

~Zac A.

""I was skeptical to try laser therapy to quit smoking at Nu Energy as nothing has worked for me up until now. I had tried nicotine replacement products, books and just plain cold turkey and was unsuccessful. I was pleasantly surprised by how relaxing and easy the experience was. Once I came home after my treatment with Matt I threw away all my cigarettes and had no urge to smoke.

My withdrawal symptoms were significantly less intense and easier to manage. I found my moods to be more stable as before trying to quit using other methods I suffered severe mood swings. I was also less irritable, able to concentrate, able to sleep and didn't over eat like on previous attempts. I strongly recommend this method to anyone who is looking to quit smoking and just needs a little extra help. Thanks Matt."

~Patty M.

"I suffered with chronic lower back pain for the past 10+ years. I would have days where I was completely immobilized in some positions, needing to continually stretch out my lower back using anything possible close by - sometimes multiple times daily at times of high strain. I jumped through hoops with massage therapists, chiropractors and physiotherapists, trying to find restitution to the issue with no true long term impact prevailing.

I am not only extremely active at the gym in my personal life, which in some cases only constantly irritated my condition, but chronic pain also imposes large limitations on me within my profession. At one point, at around 31 years old, I actually accepted the fact that I was going to have this debilitating condition worsen and continue forward for good.

Phototherapy with Nu Energy Laser has ACTUALLY changed my life. Not only were treatment sessions short, painless, and actually so physically and mentally relaxing you can fall asleep during them, they have also managed to reverse chronic damage to about 75 percent of where I once was just 2 short years ago. I now have so much more mobility with lateral flexion (I used to get seized when I would effect the chronic pain negatively and actually walk crooked to the side to avoid anguish), and even when I experience much smaller bouts of any kind of pain currently, the treatments have also shortened my recovery time. Just a quick stretch out and the pain is immediately released, with no more ongoing, sometime endless chain days of discomfort.

If you are suffering with chronic or even acute pain of any kind, you have to give this revolutionary new technology the chance to prove itself. I honestly can't thank Matt enough for his work to recover my condition, and would hands down recommend his services to anyone experiencing the horrors of what chronic pain can do to your health, happiness and life balance well-being overall. Nu Energy, you ROCK!"

~Phillip J.

"The Laser Therapy that Matt uses accelerates your body's own natural healing process. I have an on-going, deep tissue injury; Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) that becomes very painful with constant use. Without Matt's expertise and treatments I would not be able to continue to do my job (using repetitive motion with the same arm). Thank you Matt!"

~Evelyn H.

"I was suffering from arthritis pain in my shoulders and muscle pain in my lower back. I had tried more conventional methods such as massage and over the counter medications and supplements but they had little or no effect. I had heard of laser therapy and decided to do some research and found it might be the treatment for me. My initial session at Nu Energy with Matt was professional and informative in a warm, relaxing atmosphere. After each laser therapy treatment, I had less pain and more movement in my shoulders. Over a number of weeks of treatments, the pain in my lower back was completely gone, I had virtually no pain in my shoulders and considerably more movement. I now just have a “tune up” every once in a while to maintain things. I would highly recommend Nu Energy for laser therapy. It's worked wonders for me!! Thanks Matt, you're awesome!!"

~Debra L.

"I recently (majorly) threw my lower back out and I decided to give Laser Therapy a try. I went to see Matt at Nu Energy Laser. He is so friendly and very professional. The clinic is very relaxing and he explained each step of the way to put me at ease. You can tell Matt is genuinely concerned for your well-being. The treatment was relaxing and painless. I felt a sense warmth, and relief almost immediately. The next day I felt even better. I highly recommend going to see Matt at Nu Energy Laser.

Thanks Matt!"

~Richard F.

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